For Sale By Owner!

For Sale By Owner

This past month I received three calls from homeowners who wanted me to either photograph their home or wanted to purchase the photos we had taken previously for REALTORS of their homes.

I understand the homeowner wants the best possible opportunity for their home to be viewed on the internet highway while it is for sale.  They may have seen a virtual tour or photos on a Realtor website and want that level of quality for their home.

Perhaps you made the investment to order professional photography for the listing, however, for whatever reason, the listing didn’t sell and is now expired or God forbid, you got cross-wise with your client.

This is our position, Beber Photography and TourFactory serve our REALTOR clients.  You are our priority.  You count on us to delivery the highest quality of photography and marketing to help you sell your client’s homes.

Recently, we had a homeowner ask us to do photographs of their home.  We asked, it is currently listed with a REALTOR?  They said yes.  We could then explain that, of course!, we would be happy to photograph their home.  You may pay for the photography and virtual tour, however, they will go to the Listing Agent for using the photos, virtual tour and syndicated marketing in their marketing plan.  This is what we did and we had two satisfied customers.

We also had a call from a homeowner whose listing had expired and wanted to purchase the photos and virtual tour to offer it “For Sale By Owner”.  I explained that our clients are the REALTORS and they had paid for the photos and had a “limited use license” during the term of the listing.  Should they decide to use another REALTOR, the new listing agent can contact me and they may reimburse the previous agent for their costs for professional photography and the marketing but must also establish an account with TourFactory.  With a mutual agreement between the REALTORS, we can transfer the photos and virtual tour to the new listing agent.

Then we had an email from a distraught REALTOR who, after ordering photography from us, did not secure the listing.  However, the homeowner wanted to pay for the photos and use them in their “For Sale By Owner” listing.  I explained that we do not work directly with homeowners.  You are our client.  You paid for the photography and marketing.  You have a limited use license during the term of the listing agreement.  If you are able to secure a new listing agreement in the future, you may use them.  We can archive them in your account.  If the homeowner lists with a new agent, then they may want to reimburse you for your investment and with establishing an account with TourFactory, we will transfer the photos and virtual tour to them.

We want you to know how we work.  We have your back.  You are the bread and butter of our income.  We are loyal to you and respect your work.  We are interested in your success.

We will, on occasion, do photographs for a homeowner for a Vacation Rental.  However, it is does not receive the same marketing and does not compete with REALTOR marketing sites.

Call us with your next new listing.  Did you know that TourFactory offers a place where homeowners can locate one of our valued clients?  Check this link out  Reason # 29 for being a TourFactory club member.




Exquisite Mediterranean Home Shoot

What a gorgeous home!  The Listing agent hired us to shoot the home and twilight images done between dusk and night.  I choose evening shots as the stars were just amazing.  The Milky Way was visible and the sky was clear.  It made for some great views of this home.

The owners had already relocated so the furnishings were sparse.  Like we say, Less is More…I was able to show more of the Architectural detail, the space, the function and beauty of the rooms.

Furnishings help to show the space and furniture placement ideas.  Without some furnishings, it might be difficult to imagine how large the room is.  It provides scale.


The outdoor living area and swimming pool were something out of Architectural Digest.  The pool was designed with zero edge overlooking amazing views of the Golf Course and lake.  Fire bowls were placed on each side to light up the surroundings at night.  The waterfall grotto was flowing and provided a walk-over bridge to a stone slide.  A bubbling hot tub and stone surface surrounded the setting like a perfectly chosen framed piece of art.

8 Swimming Pool

It is always a pleasure to show the outdoor living area and outdoor kitchen.  Twilight shots show the best of a space. IMG_8834.jpg

I am sure this lovely home will sell fast.  It was a pleasure to provide more than just photographs, it chronicled the lifestyle the new owners will enjoy. See the whole virtual tour here:

Let me know how I can help you with your next project.

Linda Beber


Crazy little Clutter

We were invited to do a Board of Realtors class on “Aweful Real Estate Photos and how to avoid them” recently. The class is interactive and not really about each person’s camera and skill but what to include in the photos and what not to photograph.   Power Point of Presentation

I think the first place to start is our little sheet titled, “How to get your home ready for photography and keep it that way”.  It is not only a good guide for the homeowner to get ready to sell their home, it also gave the Realtor a guide on what might be the things to exclude from their own photos.  Here is the link: How To Get Your Home Ready for Photography and Keep it that way.

Speaking of this, how much work should you do at the home when you are photographing?

If your homeowner is willing and able to get the list done (they have an incentive with wanting to sell).  They should try first…but sometimes, they just can’t or don’t understand or have a sense of what is needed.  Then perhaps you can help.  If they have “hands” (kids/wife/husband) more the better and just direct.  If not, then you might have to be creative with your angles and subject.

Remember, in architectural photography, less is more.  Less clutter and more about Architectural Detail, Space, Function and Beauty.

An employee of the board who manages the MLS agreed.  They see photos of home everyday that they must contact the Listing agent and tell them they are too low resolution (camera phone) or too dark or something else is wrong and they can’t use the photos.

NAR (ListHub statistical part of National Association of Realtor) reports that home that have professional photography sell, on average, 30% sooner and for 20% more than homes that do not have good photography.

If you don’t have time for all that is needed or don’t understand how to accomplish it….call me. I am more than glad to help.  The smart thing to do is to outsource the most important part of selling your listing to the pro’s….your commission may depend on it.

Call, email or text….

Linda Beber

Beber Photography









Recent Project -A Horse Ranch


This project was unique in that the owners want to sell….but their listing on the Internet highway (MLS,, Zillow, Trulia and more) wasn’t bringing the attention it deserved.

It has all the amenities of a working ranch…80+ acres, close to the city but far enough out to be in the country, a beautiful lake, fenced and cross-fenced.  It had barns, stables, exercise facilities and a full lighted arena.

They also have a luxury home with a pool and plenty of outdoor living spaces.  Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Their REALTOR had taken photos as well as the owner. They even did aerial video of the land.  They had combined all the photos into one big offering on the mls…and other websites.

Then they sat….weeks ran into months.

The REALTOR, called me to say they needed to get a better presentation on the internet. The few propects commented the photos of the home didn’t do it justice. They were looking for a luxury property with the country lifestyle.  I think there are families, recent retirees and yes, cowboys who want a real working horse ranch but we needed to make this property really stand out.

So my assignment was to give prospective buyers tell the story of the lifestyle they want and hopefully, are willing to pay for.  The result, a better defined view of the home. Photos that show the architectural detail, the large rooms, the function and the beauty of this luxury country home.  Even the double-duty rooms were better justified by text description of what the original design of that room was and how the current owners were using a more “flexible” option.

The new virtual tour, floor plan with hot spots and new Elegant 2.0 tour style show the wide screen photos beautifully.  We are still working on new aerial images and facility images.  It was a fun project, the owners were delightful and as the new virtual tour and marketing has begun, the views have increased tremendously.  This are the stats for 3 days on the market:

TOUR STATS  40,685 hits….1,098 unique visitors….90.5% coming from Facebook organic sharing.

Do you have an unfair advantage?

Comparing Apples to Apples, what do you bring to the table?

How to win better quality, higher dollar listings.

You have all the same things every other licensed REALTOR in your professional association has. The license to list property, contractual agreements to make it easy for the client to hire you, the local MLS,, your Brokerage website, your website and maybe even a Facebook page.  Apples to Apples, so does every other REALTOR in your market area.

Add to that your years of expierience (or not), classes you have taken in how to help clients buy and sell real estate, your social network and work ethic.

Every new client should see that as the reason they should choose you to help them sell their home.

Not necessarily.  This is information going out from you… a client.  It says, look at

But what is the prospective client looking for?

It is an emotional decision and a monetary decision to sell the largest single asset they own, typically.  They are looking for a representative who along with all the valuable assets listed above you have at your disposal, they want to know you have an higher advantage in getting prospective buyers and ultimately the right buyer at the highest possible price.

So what can you add to the equation that would choose you?  It is the unfair advantage you have with the tools you can bring to the table with a professional partnership with BeberPhotography and

Sellers want to move….but Buyers want to be moved!  Starting with the professionally designed Listing Presentation you can put in their hands to show the Seller that you use the best professional photographers to capture the archicture, space, function and beauty of their home.

As prospective buyers look for homes, 92% so their home search online.  Internet marketing is vital to selling a home. Extensive syndication nationally and internationally combined with beautiful high quality photos ensure proper representation of their home, ultimately selling the home faster.

The presentation on the internet will stop buyers in their tracks.  You have mobile device tools for drive-by prospects and on-the-fly searchers from Zillow, Trulia and mobile apps.  Prospect capturing 1-888# to call to learn more and draw a prospect further into the buying process.  Professionally designed color flyers and domain names to mention a few.

Lastly, they want to know you are invested in the process.  You have made the effort and spent the money to work for them.  You can show them you have “people” that work with you to make it happen.  It is not just you nor is it the same as every other REALTOR has available.  You bring the tools that give them an unfair advantage.

Sign up to get your Unfair Advantage today.